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Bill Folman
is a filmmaker and novelist.

NEWS: Bill's short film SELLING THE SCANDAL PLAN has just been named Boston University's Best Alumni Short of 2012, and will be screened at the Redstone Film Festival in Los Angeles on March 30th!

Bill's critically acclaimed debut novel,THE SCANDAL PLAN or: How to Win the Presidency by Cheating On Your Wife, is available now from HarperCollins.  It's the perfect read for this election year!

THE SCANDAL PLAN is a satiric novel about a straight-arrow presidential candidate, down-in-the-polls, whose campaign fakes a sex scandal for him in order to humanize his image.  Needless to say, nothing goes as planned. Chaos and hilarity ensue.   

"A funny, fast-paced story"
--Publishers Weekly

"[Folman] writes with a deliciously jaundiced eye ... a twisted plot and characters worthy of Carl Hiaasen"
-- Associated Press

"Anyone who treats politics as a comedy must be either brilliant or insane. The Scandal Plan is thankfully and fantastically both."

--Brad Meltzer, New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Fate

THE SCANDAL PLAN in Paperback?
And I haven't bought it yet?
Boy, I feel foolish.

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