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The Worldwide Tour of New England: Episode 5: Fairfield, CT

Bill reads at Borders in Fairfield, CT

My east coast tour ended with a bang last week at the Borders Books in Fairfield, Connecticut. At more than 40 people, it was my biggest crowd yet, and my most family–packed event to date. In addition to my sister and my parents, my future in-laws drove up from New Jersey for the show. Also in attendance was the rabbi who Bar Mitzvahed me (and who will marry me in a couple months). I tell you, if you want pressure, try to think up something pithy to inscribe in your rabbi’s book when you’ve only got a couple seconds. Oy.

I usually find I can rise to the occasion when asked by someone close to me for a witty on-the-spot inscription, but every now and then, I disappoint myself, usually by writing something too cheeky that I instantly regret for one reason or another. There have been a couple of those. Perhaps most challenging are those friends who approach me and ask for a totally unique creation. “Write me something you haven’t written to anyone before.” The proper response to such a request is usually an inscription like this:

“To Joe – I’ve been sleeping with your girlfriend, Molly. I hope this knowledge does not in any way diminish your enjoyment of my book. Happy reading! – Bill”

In all seriousness, though, for you authors out there, this strategy only works if Joe’s girlfriend is named Molly.

So … Fairfield was a good time. Following this reading, I had a crazy day in New York, schlepping books all around Manhattan, dropping off reading copies and introducing myself to employees in bookstores from the Village to the Upper East side (three cheers for pounding the pavement!). Then C flew in and we were reunited for a weekend of bridal shower fun and wedding-planning-ness. Then, after the requisite 2+ hours on the tarmac of Newark airport and a quick cross country flight, here we are.

I am now back in LA, trying to catch up on my life (and my blogging), but I will end this series of posts by once again thanking everyone who came out to see me on my first little book tour. Your support meant a lot. Happy Wednesday and God bless.

Bill signs books at Borders in Fairfield, CT

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