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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Rebuttal to “Terrorists Prefer Obama” Argument

I was on my way to the gym this afternoon, when I spotted a forwarded e-mail in my inbox with this article.  The e-mail got me so steamed that I couldn’t leave the house and spent the next hour writing a response.  I’ve included it here:

“First off, if you’d read my article yesterday, you’d know that you should always be wary of forwarded e-mail messages.  Now as to as the content of this particular fear-mongering e-mail, here is my response:

I am thrilled that Hamas and Iran and Gaddafi want Barack Obama to be president.  I am thrilled that dangerous Middle Eastern groups see Obama as a potential friend.  This gives us much better leverage in dealing with these groups.  Why?  Several reasons.

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HuffPo #5 – Maybe You Shouldn’t Vote

Check out my latest on the Huffington Post.  If you like it, please forward this one around and buzz it up.

Here it is:


Voting is a skill. It’s like basketball. Not everyone is good at it. Sure, everyone likes to think he or she is a good voter, just like everyone likes to think he or she is attractive and has a sense of humor. Sadly, the numbers do not support these claims. If everyone was a brilliant voter, we would never elect bad leaders, and the last eight years might have turned out quite differently. So this election year, before you step into a voting booth and possibly screw things up for the rest of us, I ask that you take a moment to answer the following questions and determine whether you have the skill and the know-how to vote responsibly for our next president.

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Obama “Assasination Plot”: Newsworthy?

For those of you who haven’t heard the news, the ATF recently broke up a plot by two spectacularly daft Neo-Nazi skinheads to assassinate democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama (click here for story).  Their plan: to rob a gun store, commit a Columbine style massacre at a predominantly black high school, then go on a national killing spree, and THEN kill Barack Obama by — get this — driving, “their vehicle as fast as they could toward Obama shooting at him from the windows.”

Brilliant.  How could it fail?  My question: does this actually qualify as news?  Doesn’t a potential criminal mastermind need to clear some competency bar before he/she/they are rewarded with free publicity and their photos on the network news?  I mean, c’mon.  These guys never even got so far as step one: “rob a gun store.”  Incidentally, if you’re looking for an easy store to rob, I wouldn’t put gunstore on your list.  Usually armed robbery works best when the robber is more heavily robbed than those he is robbing.

We should all consider ourselves lucky that racism and stupidity go so neatly hand in hand.

Why My New Health Insurance Is Cool (and Why You Should Be Scared Of John McCain’s Health Care Plan)

I recently went to the doctor.  He gave me two x-rays and a shot.  I paid a $20 copay to the receptionist and went along my merry way.  This is life on a decent employer-based health care plan: My wife’s.

Prior to getting married two months ago, I had what I refer to as “crap insurance.”  It was an individual health care plan that I paid for out of my own pocket.  My monthly bill was high.  The deductible was high.  My choice of doctors was limited.  Rather than paying a set copay when receiving medical care, I would get bills in the mail which sometimes made sense and sometimes did not.  Misunderstandings/disagreements with the insurance company over what was covered and what was not happened multiple times.  Here’s the best part: only generic drugs were covered.  “Hey, what are the odds I’ll ever need a non-generic drug?” I thought when I decided to save 50 bucks on my monthly bill.  Do you want to take a guess?  This is life on a crap insurance policy.  And to be fair, this is the life of a relatively healthy youngish person on a crap insurance policy.

I’ve been on a number of these plans from different carriers throughout my time as an inconsistently employed artistic type.  They are all for the birds.  And guess what?  With John McCain, this is the direction health care will be headed in.

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Initial Reaction to Presidential Debate #3

Best debate yet.  Bob Schieffer rocks me. Incidentally, if you ever happen to be driving across the country and are looking for a good book on tape, I highly recommend Schieffer’s memoir, This Just In : What I Couldn’t Tell You on TV.  Schieffer has been in the trenches, reporting on many of the biggest stories of the last forty years, and he has lots of juicy stories to tell.

Barack got a slow start again tonight, but finished strong.  He was evasive during the question about Joe Plumber’s taxes, and McCain scored big points there.  In debate #3, John McCain finally managed to sustain a consistent message for the duration of the evening.  It certainly wasn’t original, but McCain’s classic “this liberal will spend all your money” attack was hammered home repeatedly throughout the 90 minutes with some success.  McCain may have gained a little ground tonight, though I doubt he gained much.

Obama started to come alive again once the question of negative campaigning was raised. Here he found his footing, and from this point on, the debate was all his. McCain seemed petulant, angry, cranky, and downright curmudgeonly, while Obama was Mr. Cool: eloquent, reasonable, and thoughtful.  Every attack of McCain’s after that first 30 minutes was effectively defused by Obama, while many of Obama’s attacks were rebutted with less skill.  Obama continued to be effective at addressing his answers to the middle class, looking deep into the camera’s eye, and oozing presidentiality.

I continue to be amazed by McCain’s obvious contempt for Obama.  He so clearly hates him with every fiber of his being.  At this point, I find myself watching and just wondering when John McCain’s head is going to spontaneously explode.  The Arizona senator has one of the world’s worst poker faces.  My wife has a better poker face, and trust me, you would love to play poker with my wife.  (On a side note, I’ve just realized that, as a married man, I can now tell “my wife” jokes.  Oh, I know someone in the next room who is going to be thrilled to find this out!)

On the whole, another fun night for us political junkies.  To put this in CNN speak: a red-meat night, all about Main Street, but no game-changers.  Ah, CNN, how I tire of thee …  And yet I continue to watch.

More soon, my friends