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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Which Candidate Is the Better Investment?

Dear Disenchanted Voter:

Let’s be honest: Recessions go in cycles. No matter whom you elect, the economy is probably going to improve over the next four years. The 12 million jobs that Mitt Romney is promising are what economists have said we’re going to get no matter who is in office. And as for gas prices, any candidate who promises he can affect the amount you pay at the pump is lying. There are limits to what a president can do. And because this is a campaign between two men who represent the moderate wings of their respective parties, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that it doesn’t much matter whether Romney or Obama wins on November 6.

But it matters. It really matters.

For those of you who are attracted to Mitt Romney’s business background, I think it is useful to view the choice between Obama and Romney as a choice between two very different business strategies. Ignoring all the more explosive social issues for a moment (and foreign policy, where their views are largely similar), let’s go issue by issue and ask ourselves:

Which candidate is the better investment?

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