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About the tragedy in Connecticut…


Maybe it’s being a parent, maybe it’s because this happened a couple towns over from where I grew up, but this one is really making my stomach turn.

Part of this reaction is grief and shock. Part of it, I think, is the hopelessness of it all, the idea that no matter what we do, tragedies like this can always happen. There will always be crazy people who want to kill innocents; sometimes these people will lead nations, sometimes they will attack schools, and sometimes, despite our best efforts, they will succeed in committing evil.

But there is also anger. Anger at what we CAN control but don’t. Anger because, while we are helpless to stop all evil, we are at least capable of shaping our country so that it does not feed the darker forces within it. We can’t eradicate all crazy people, but we can make it easier and cheaper for them to get help. We can’t eliminate all potential weapons, but we can pass gun laws that are tighter and smarter. We can redefine our notion of what is obscene. Why are we more squeamish about seeing naked bodies than casual gun violence? We can think twice about what we glamorize and glorify. We can think twice about our priorities. We can spend more time demonizing hate and less time demonizing those types of love that don’t meet with our approval.

I know you can say this is politicizing a tragedy, but politics is the best mechanism through which we can actually make change. And in our helpless sorrow, it is all we can do to try and make changes, even small incremental ones, that will make similar tragedies less common.

Which Candidate Is the Better Investment?

Dear Disenchanted Voter:

Let’s be honest: Recessions go in cycles. No matter whom you elect, the economy is probably going to improve over the next four years. The 12 million jobs that Mitt Romney is promising are what economists have said we’re going to get no matter who is in office. And as for gas prices, any candidate who promises he can affect the amount you pay at the pump is lying. There are limits to what a president can do. And because this is a campaign between two men who represent the moderate wings of their respective parties, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that it doesn’t much matter whether Romney or Obama wins on November 6.

But it matters. It really matters.

For those of you who are attracted to Mitt Romney’s business background, I think it is useful to view the choice between Obama and Romney as a choice between two very different business strategies. Ignoring all the more explosive social issues for a moment (and foreign policy, where their views are largely similar), let’s go issue by issue and ask ourselves:

Which candidate is the better investment?

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HuffPo#9 – Obama’s Magic Argument

Once again, I assume the political position of armchair quarterback and tell the Democrats how they ought to be playing the game.

Read my latest on the Huffington Post or below:



Joe Biden’s debate performance was a step in the right direction, but President Obama needs to further sharpen his message if he hopes to seal the deal with voters in these last few weeks. In the past, Team Obama has successfully painted Romney as an out-of-touch, far-right, flip flopping, corporate raider. Good stuff, but it all feels stale now. So what is the proper attack? Romney is looking and sounding awfully polished these days; he is an effective debater, an aggressive critic, and a smooth salesman.

The “magic” attack uses all this against him.

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You’d think I would’ve learned by now. The blog section of my site recently crashed, and I’ve been in repair mode for the last 24 hours. My most recent backup, from 2010, hasn’t been working properly, so I was forced to use a backup from July of 2009. Now, I haven’t blogged much since 2009 so it’s not the most painful of losses, but it’s still a headache. Please be patient with me as I try to get the major posts from the last couple years back online and fix what needs to be fixed.

Cheers! And to my fellow Jews, Shanah Tovah!

Why I don’t blog much these days…

My little man is now seven months old.  He’s been keeping me very happy and very busy.  I’ve been trying to squeeze all my writing into nap times and post-bedtime at night, and this has not left any time for blogging.  I’m sure I’ll return to blogging again, most likely when the politics of the moment make it impossible for me to keep my mouth shut–but for now it is just not a priority.

Here are some more pictures of what we’ve been up to lately.